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CEO Janet Molloy collaborates with the design team to create Gemala’s distinctive collections. Janet’s feminine perspective and bold personal style harmonize with the Balinese designers traditional sense of delicacy, elegance and technical expertise. Sitting together with dozens of stones and sketches, their ideas evolve and are refined into samples.
Sometimes collections remain at the concept stage until the perfect stones become available, with some pieces taking up to six months to complete.

Our collections are inspired by the materials we work with and by Bali's exotic environment -- its vivid palette of colors, spectacular landscapes, rich cultural heritage, flora and fauna. We match these concepts with the dazzling range of gemstones now available, creating beautiful pieces that reflect the spirit of this legendary island.

Gemala probably produces the highest volume of entirely handcrafted sterling silver jewelry in Indonesia. Each component is created in-house, often including the now-rare techniques of repousse, filigree and granulation rendered in contemporary designs. We do in-house training in these ancient skills, ensuring that the traditions do not die out. Every piece of jewelry passes through many hands, retaining the energy of each artisan.

Some pieces of jewelry have hundreds of individual components. Multiply this by the production order, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of components generated in-house and placed by hand on each piece of jewelry. Gemala uses about half of ton of silver each month, making components as small as silver granulation with a diameter of 0,2 mm.
  Based in Ubud, Bali, Gemala offers a unique combination of traditional skills and contempory design. Our bilingual staff is trained to international standards.  
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